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CrossFit Youth Athletic Camp


We imagine a better future for our kids. We know you do too. Together we want what is best for kids. 


        • Having Fun doing Fitness
        • Leadership and Team Building Exercises
        • Optimizes kids’ fitness and elevate their athleticism
        • Help protect kids against sports injury
        • Boost their sports performance
        • Push back against the forces behind obesity

The mastery, confidence, and motivation that kids develop in our gym are the ingredients of freedom and fearlessness.  Crossfit Kids instills the essence of adventure, passion, and joy in kids when playing their favorite sports, trying new things, and tackling life’s challenges so they can step out of our gym knowing they can do whatever they set out to do.

Date: June 20th – 24th
Time: 10:15am – 12:15pm

Sign Up: Ages 7 – 9

Sign Up: Ages 10 – 12

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